Fireplace Doors Guide

Fireplace Doors

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.
Fireplace doors are a critical part of any home that has a fireplace. While most people believe that having a fireplace will allow you to control and create the heat in their home – they’re wrong. Installing fireplace doors has MANY benefits for both your home and your family.

Fireplace doors will make your home much safer. Doors will keep small children and pets out of the fireplace and out of harm’s way. They will contain any sparks, hot ashes, and other debris within the fireplace – instead of on your carpet. They will also prevent any pests that may enter your chimney from gaining entry into your home.

Owning a set of fireplace doors will also allow you to control the heat and increase the efficiency of your fireplace greatly. Doors will keep the cold air from entering your chimney, and the warm air from escaping out. Fireplace doors have been known to reduce air loss up the chimney by 90%. This will save you money on your gas bill in the long haul.

Installing fireplace doors is a great way to make your fireplace look complete. With so many designs and colors – you will be able to find a door that can complement any d├ęcor. There are many options ranging from metal types to colors.

There are fireplace doors to fit any size and shape fireplace. With many different manufacturers, you will be able to find whatever it is that you need or desire. You will be able to personalize your doors to fit your style. It’s a great way to tie in your fireplace with the rest of your home.

Installing fireplace doors is probably one of the easiest things you can do to contain the heat in your home and to save money!


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