Fireplace Doors Guide

Custom Fireplace Door Templates

If you are purchasing an inside fit fireplace glass door for an arched fireplace, you are going to need to provide a template so that the door will closely fit your opening.  The following guide will show you step by step directions on how to successfully utilize your template.

1. Remove template from box

Starting-Looking at plastic before unrolling

2. Unroll and place over fireplace opening

Unrolling the plastic over the fireplace 

3. Tape the template to the outside of the fireplace

Closeup-Placing tape and unrolling plastic over fireplace

4. Carefully trace the entire arch opening of your fireplace

Closeup-Tracing-Almost done1

5. Wait for the marker to dry and carefully remove template and re-roll

FullPic-Rolling up the plastic after tracing to ship

6. Repackage and call Woodland Direct at 1-800-919-1904 for pickup

Start and End - Pulling out plastic or putting it back in to ship


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