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Horizon Fireplace Door - Product Review

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.
The Horizon Fireplace Glass Door is a great door that is set at a very reasonable price. The door comes standard with bronze tempered and edged glass, along with mesh curtains. One of the highlights of this door is that it is available in both custom and stock sizes. All stock sizes ship out fairly quickly, and the frame will already be fully assembled. There is also a five year warranty on the frame of this door.

This fireplace door is made with a 1 3/4" wide anodized aluminum frame and reinforced steel supports. The aluminum frame is lightweight, yet very strong and durable. The coating on the frame will not tarnish, even in salt-air climates!

The Horizon fireplace door has trim-less full fold doors that open and offer a full view of the fire. The doors have a track-less opening that allows for easier cleaning and safer burning. There is also an adjustable damper control that will help you to regulate the airflow to your fire.

The Horizon Fireplace Door is available in three attractive finishes and comes fully assembled and ready to install. There are many options available for you to customize your door to your liking. There are a number of colors and tints for the beveled glass available, as well as many different trim finishes.

With lots of available options to choose from the Horizon Fireplace Glass Door is a perfect way to personalize your fireplace!


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