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The Sentinel Fireplace Door - Product Review

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.
The Sentinel fireplace glass door is both beautifully and solidly constructed. The doors are made of welded/sanded plate and angle steel.

These cabinet style doors are easy to open but hold fast with the Sentinel’s unique clasp design. You won’t ever need to replace any broken magnets with this fireplace door.

The Sentinel fireplace door comes standard with an inset of mesh doors. These mesh doors, made by WD Metal-Craft, use tight-fitting mesh screen doors rather than the usual sliding mesh screen. This unique feature will make your fireplace easier to load, and ensures safety.

This fireplace door also comes with a number of options that are available at an additional cost.Some of the options available are glass options and additional finishes. These options will allow you to customize your fireplace doors to fit your home.

The Sentinel is a great door that will stand up to the test of time. With its simple and classic style, the Sentinel fireplace door will be the center of attention of your homes d├ęcor for many years to come.


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