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Hammered Edge Fireplace Doors Product Review

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
The Hammered Edge Fireplace Door is one of the most popular high end fireplace doors on the market. This particular fireplace door is unique because it features hammered distressing on the edges of the steel frame, giving it a beautiful old world design. The quaint acorn hinges enhance this old world effect. The vertically curved handles are charming and make opening and closing the fireplace doors convenient.

This fireplace door is made from a heavy duty laser cut steel frame which means there are no seams, no welds, and no sagging hinges. It is available in the standard width size of 1 ½”, but is also offered in 1” and 2” widths. As a general rule, the larger the fireplace, the wider the frame should be. The Hammered Edge comes with a powder coat finish so there will be no rusting and the fireplace glass door will last for generations. It only comes in the vintage iron finish, but it is offered in almost any size since it is hand crafted to the specifications of each order. I think these fireplace glass doors would go remarkably well with a stone fireplace to complete the old world feel, and they can be installed as an inside or outside fit.

The hidden draft assembly of this fireplace glass door allows you to burn your fire with the doors closed while still allowing air to feed your fire. I feel that this is definitely a great choice if you have pets or children. A note of caution: some manufacturers don’t recommend that you burn a fire with the fireplace doors closed. If the fire is too large or too hot, it could conceivably cause the glass to break. A reasonable fire in a normal size fireplace should be fine. Check the paper work supplied by the fireplace door manufacturer for more information.

The Hammered Edge fireplace glass door is made of standard 1/4" thick tempered glass which is able to withstand high temperatures and resist breakage. Although clear glass goes nicely with any frame, there are three other colors tints you can choose from. This fireplace door works great with an electric fireplace heater. You can follow the link to read more about how to install a heater with a fireplace door.

There is only one minor drawback to the Hammered Edge fireplace door. This is not an in stock door and because of the added distressing features of the frame, the build time of 3-4 weeks is slightly longer than most custom fireplace doors. If you have the time and are willing to wait, you will definitely be satisfied with these fireplace glass doors.


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