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Decor Fireplace Glass Door Product Review

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
When I was first introduced to the Decor Fireplace Glass Door, I was surprised to find that it had more stock sizes than any other door I had ever seen. Having over 50 stock sizes available really make this door a convenient purchase for homeowners. This is an entry level door, but it’s definitely on a higher level than fireplace doors that you might find in your local big box store.

The style of the door is designed to mimic a picture frame, which really helps to make your fireplace a focal point in the room. The stock frame has a series of beveled edges that really give the door some dimension. An added plus is that the frame is available in eight different finishes.

What really sets this door apart is its versatility. The Decor fireplace door can be purchased with or without the decorative ‘insert’. This is not a common feature so most homeowners don’t know what this is. The insert is a flat strip of metal with its own finish (available in eight finishes). It slides into the contours of the Decor frame and sits in the middle, covering the inner contours while exposing the outer beveled edge. This feature gives the door the ability to have two finishes which enables you to have an uniquely styled door.

This is a great feature, but it gets even better. Let’s say you design the Decor to match your current homes interior decoration and five years later you change the furnishings in the room. In most situations you would have to buy a new fireplace door to match, but with the Decor Fireplace Glass Door you can simply purchase new inserts, and presto – you have a whole new look to your fireplace door. You can further customize the door by changing the finish for the door handle and glass channel and even pick your own glass color.

The Good:

• A ton of stock sizes which keeps the pricing low
• Versatile design – looks great with the stock door or with the inserts
• Great price point
• In stock – so it ships quick

The Not-so-good:

• Because you have to burn with the doors open, if you have a wood burning fireplace a screen mesh is a must (most homeowners want this anyways as at some point you will want to burn the fire with the doors open)

Bottom Line:

Versatility and style at a great price point. If you are looking for a nice entry level fireplace door, this is one of the best.


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