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The Mystique Fireplace Door - Product Review

Friday, December 26, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
The Mystique fireplace door is a beautiful door that requires no assembly. The fireplace door is constructed of a steel-reinforced, anodized aluminum rounded frame. The Mystique is a beautiful and simple door; however, one of the only requirements for it is that it must have a smooth, level mounting surface for installation.

The Mystique fireplace doors
come standard with a 3/16” bronze tempered and edged glass. It also comes with mesh curtains. The full fold doors open 180 degrees for enhanced viewing and safety. These folding doors are made so that they are very easy to clean. They also feature a hidden damper control located at the bottom of the fireplace frame.

The Mystique fireplace door has a number of finishes including; polished brass, flat black, and a flat black frame with a polished brass door set trim.

There are also additional options that come with an added cost. Some of these are cabinet door sets, an option for clear or gray glass, different trim finish, and beveled glass.

Not only does the Mystique fireplace door have a simple, classic look, they arrive already assembled and ready to be installed!


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