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Does Your Zero-Clearance Fireplace Need Glass Doors?

Sunday, December 14, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
What are Zero-Clearance Fireplaces?

Zero-Clearance fireplaces are factory produced pre-built metal fireboxes. The name zero-clearance comes from the fact that combustible material (wood framing, etc) can be constructed right up to the metal fireplace unit, providing for "zero-clearance" to combustibles. This makes for easy framing and finishing, which in turn makes them a popular choice. Zero-clearance fireplaces, or as they are sometimes called "pre-fab fireplaces" also come with their own metal chimney, generally a double or triple walled air cooled chimney system.

Why Zero-Clearance Fireplaces?

Time and cost. Since these fireplaces are already factory built as stock units, they eliminate the laborious (and costly) task of building a custom-made masonry fireplace. Time and cost are two things a builder and homeowner both like to save.

The Zero-Clearance Fireplace Glass Door

There are many fireplace glass door manufacturers that specialize in making high quality fireplace doors for zero-clearance fireplaces. Many of these doors come with lifetime warranties on the glass, along with solidly built stylish frames built. You will be asked to provide the make and model of the zero-clearance fireplace you own, allowing the dealer to connect you to the right zero-clearance fireplace door. The after market fireplace doors are built to the manufacturers size specifications, making installation pretty much hassle free. No major tools are needed for installation, generally a screwdriver and some screws to connect the glass door frame brackets. You end up enhancing your fireplace, and at the same time keeping energy costs down by closing off one of the biggest holes in your home, the fireplace.


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