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Cameo Fireplace Glass Doors

Thursday, December 4, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
Conventional fireplace doors do not suit every taste. In particular, it can be difficult and frustrating for homeowners and interior designers to find a door that compliments modern decor. The Cameo Fireplace Glass Door is a fitting choice when a sleek, low-profile, and modern fireplace door is in order. The Cameo's anodized aluminum frame has a svelte 7/8" mitered frame with the Thermo-Rite signature "glass-in-frame" design. This translates to a door whose broad appeal is to those who believe that, when it comes to decor, sometimes less is more. And more is what you get with this door, despite its slim construction.

Each corner of this fireplace door is custom mitered and assembled with internal gussets which reinforce the frame and provide substantial support for the 1/4" thick tempered glass doors. Easy adjustment screws on the operable doors make the door simple to install and maintain. If wood is the fuel of choice, this door comes with an optional mesh curtain or a solid panel internal mesh door for spark protection while the glass is opened for fires.

Eight frame finish options, both traditional and contemporary, are available to satisfy a variety of specific wants and needs. The door handles and glass channel can be made to match the finish of choice. However, if a more unique appearance is preferred, a custom finish of Pewter, Antique or Stainless is offered.

Made to overlap or fit inside a fireplace opening, this custom fireplace door comes in every size imaginable. How you ask? Each one is custom made to the exact specifications of the buyer. There are no stock Cameo doors, just a menu of options and choices. A favorite among custom fireplace glass doors, the Cameo delivers all of this and still has one of the most affordable price tags in the industry.


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