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Replacement Fireplace Doors On A Budget

Thursday, November 13, 2008 Posted by Marcus D
Do you ever look at your hearth and think that you want some nice fireplace glass doors… but you don’t think you can afford them? Well look no further! Nothing is impossible when you are ready to put away that old worn out door and replace it with a stunning new fireplace glass door. You do not need to sacrifice beauty in exchange for a lower price! I have some tips that should help you find a classy fireplace door at a very reasonable price.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. DO IT YOURSELF! The process will be a lot cheaper if you install the doors yourself- and you CAN do it! The process is not difficult but can be time consuming depending on the variables at hand.
  • TIP- It is easier to install a solid steel door rather than an aluminum or folded steel door. A solid steel door frame will not compromise its shape or form. For this reason, the glass doors will rarely need to be adjusted. Solid steel doors also have a back frame that fits inside the fireplace opening and mounts to the interior. On the other hand, aluminum and folded steel doors sit on the face of the fireplace and are attached with a bracket located on the back of the frame. They are adaptable so that they can be used with various fireplace styles. However, it does make installation more difficult because they will need more attention in adjusting the doors so they line up correctly. Aluminum and folded steel doors are less expensive but requires more work to complete the installation as opposed to a solid steel door.
2. What is most important to you in choosing a fireplace door? Price? Finish? Style? Quality?
  • You get what you pay for! If you buy the lowest priced door on the market – it probably will not have all the extra options that come with the higher-end enclosures. For example, the low-end fireplace doors have about five different finish options compared to the twenty-plus that the high-end have to choose from. Five is a small number of options, but all of our finishes are very classy and will add a nice charm to your hearth.
  • Price is also determined on what type of material is used to manufacture the door. Aluminum is the less expensive option, but solid steel is better quality in my opinion. However, both aluminum and steel do withstand the test of time.
  • Would you like bifold doors that sit on a track or that open up away from the fireplace? Fireplace doors that sit on a track can only slide as far as the fireplace opening. Bi-fold trackless doors can be pulled away from the fireplace opening up to 180 degrees and can also be folded in half to make your fire more accessible for maintenance.
  • The inexpensive fireplace doors don’t offer many distinctive designs. Their style is very basic but attractive. You do not need a fancy designs to make your hearth look great. You just need to find a door that compliments your home décor.

Here are three different doors I would suggest for those of you who are in the market for a new fireplace glass door – they are certainly affordable and you can definitely install them on your own:

The HearthCraft Slimline Fireplace Glass Door features an attractive price along with a classic style. It is made of folded steel which allows for a range of flexibility that can fit almost every fireplace. The Slimline does come with bi-fold trackless doors that extend outside of the fireplace up to 180 degrees which makes it easier for the homeowner to tend the fire. It is available in multiple finishes and three different glass tints. The Slimline does come standard with a mesh curtain and an adjustable damper control vent. It usually will ship within one business week.

The ThermoRite Décor Fireplace Glass Door is very similar to the Slimline but features a slightly more modern style and additional options. The Décor is made of aluminum material and does have the option of adding a mesh curtain or a mesh door. It has a thick frame to help stabilize the glass. The Décor has multiple finish options that include various inserts that slide into the exterior frame to create a smoother look. With three glass tint options, you can customize the look of your fireplace glass door to match any home!

The Minuteman Fireplace Glass Doors are a bargain considering they have a great price point and they are made of solid steel vs folded steel and aluminum – and remember, a solid steel fireplace door is easier to install than a folded steel or aluminum fireplace doors. The Minuteman fireplace doors do come standard with a mesh door even though they only offer one type of finish and one glass tint. It also comes standard with a damper control vent that is hidden to enhance the appearancee of the product. There are three variations of this type of door- the Modern, Shaker and the new Windsor. They are nearly identical except for the door styling. The Modern Fireplace Glass Door has bifold glass doors while the Shaker Fireplace Glass Door has cabinet style doors. The Windsor Fireplace Glass Door features bifold trackless doors with a distinctive arch design. These fireplace doors don’t offer customizing options because they are premade with one finish in specific sizes. Because of this, these fireplace doors qualify for our “Quick Ship” program. If you need a quality fireplace door in a hurry and you have a standard size fireplace – I recommend these fireplace doors.

Fireplace Glass Doors have evolved from the ugly brass fireplace door that your grandmother used to have to a plethora of modern designs and styles. Now you just have to pick one! You can have a beautiful new fireplace glass door to showcase your hearth at a price you can afford. Installing the fireplace doors yourself is a feasible process and we do have many different support methods available to help you. Installation support is available through the instructional videos we offer online, our technical sales staff, and the instructions that will arrive along with your fireplace glass door.

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The “do it yourself” approach will not only give you a sense of pride but will also be easy on your budget!